Participant randomisation tailored to the statistical needs of your trial.


Depending on the research protocol for your study, and any additional requirements (e.g. those stipulated by your in-house statisticians), a suitable randomisation system can be selected for your research.

  • Pre-defined randomisation list (or lists). These can either be pre-generated by us, or provided by your team.
  • Simple coin flip (or multi-way flip) to select between a number of equally likely outcomes.
  • Multiple strata for different demographics
  • Blocked randomisation to ensure equal group sizes
  • More complex, bespoke randomisation strategies.
  • Request (e.g via an API) to a separate randomisation service - for example if your CTU or stats team wish to control this aspect of the study.

We also provide our own hosted randomisation engine as a free service for the research community - please contact us for details.

To ensure transparency and expose our randomisation components to rigorous scrutiny, we provide a randomisation testing interface which enables large numbers of randomisations to be run, with the results plotted on a graph. Please contact us if you'd like to see a demo of this.