Email and SMS communications for questionnaire invites, reminders and notifications.

Ongoing communication and Follow-ups

Our communication modules provide a variety of methods to stay in contact with participants (and the research team) for the duration of a research study.

Automated communications

Our systems can be set up to send automatic communications via email or SMS. Examples include:

  • Notifications of randomisation
  • Emailing terms and condition and privacy statements
  • Sending login information and password reminders
  • Invitations to complete follow-up
  • Baseline or follow-up reminders
  • Thank you messages at the end of trials
  • Incentive offers

These can be triggered by user events or based on time elapsing. A typical example would be an automatic invitation to follow-ups triggered six months after randomisation. Emails can include generated links and can be personalised based on participant information, and file attachments can be added.

Managed communications

Alternatively there are circumstances where it is more appropriate for communications to be generated by administrators. We offer a comprehensive communication management system with functionality that includes:

  • Participant management lists, with contact details and records of communications.
  • Previewing and sending baseline and follow-up invitations or reminders, with the possibility of overriding content or recipients
  • Interface for assisting and logging postal and phone communication, including entering measure data on behalf of the participant, and recording notes on communications.
  • Distributed participant management, with multiple logins and multilevel permissions.
  • An automated log of communication staff activity

Participant customizable communication

In the context of interventions our systems also allow participants to opt in to automatic communications and notifications, and to customize their content. Examples include:

  • Signing up to weekly tips
  • Summaries of intervention site activity
  • Notification of calendar events
  • Notification of intervention content availability
  • Personalised reminders and warnings about health activities