Recruitment and Screening

Tools to assist in recruiting participants to the trial and management of participant information.

Participant Recruitment and Screening

Clinical trials differ considerably in their methodology of recruiting participants, and our Recruitment and Screening system is easily adapted to facilitate this process. We offer a variety of recruitment tools, which can be adapted to maximise participation.

Direct Participant Management

In cases where it is necessary to keep extensive offline data on a participant, or where the pool of potential participants is small, participants can be set up manually within the system.

Invitations can be sent directly to Participants with system generated emails. Each individual participant receives a unique link to the baseline questionnaire system so that they can be identified when entering data and to keep their personal information secure.

Care is taken to maintain separation between personal data and other trial data.

Distributed Participant Management

In the case of larger pools of potential participants, we can adapt the system to allow a distributed set of administrators to manage recruitment in the portal. We can provide separate permission levels to recruiters and researchers in cases where there is the need for separation of the data they see. For example Local Health Workers can recruit participants and maintain off-line records of their data, whereas the central researchers do not have access to participant identifying information.

Anonymous Cryptographic Codes

An alternative to creating trial portal logins for recruiters is to distribute anonymised recruitment codes. Codes are set up in advance to contain a way to identify the recruiter, while keeping the participant themselves anonymous. The codes also contain cryptographic checksum information so that they can identify a unique participant without being guessable. This system is useful particularly when it is important to maintain a relationship between participant and recruiter, but where the number of recruiters is large (for example, recruitment via GPs or other front-line health workers).

Self Registration and screening

When no off-line information needs to be maintained on participants recruitment can be as simple as supplying a link to the baseline system to participants directly. In these cases it is beneficial to include screening questionnaires as part of the baseline system.

The screening process can also be a completely separate system, delivered through a variety of media. One exciting option is to deliver Screening using a recorded telephony system, where potential participants can self screen during an interactive telephone call.

We've worked on several studies in which the protocol required innovative solutions to patient recruitment, tracking and induction.