All the online tools you need to conduct successful research


Our systems are built around several modules and tools which we've designed and optimised to help you conduct successful eHealth research.

Research Portals

Securely manage your participants, monitor data collection and organise research staff. Read more »

Recruitment and Screening

Tools to assist in recruiting participants to the trial and management of participant information. Read more »

Data collection

From simple multiple-choice questions to more complex structured questionnaires. Read more »


Participant randomisation tailored to the statistical needs of your trial. Read more »

eHealth interventions

Consultation, integration and development of customised online intervention systems. Read more »


Email and SMS communications for questionnaire invites, reminders and notifications. Read more »

Smart-phones, Tablets and Other Devices

Adaptive designs and cross platform optimisation enable our systems to work seamlessly across a variety of devices. Read more »

Data monitoring and delivery

Effecient realtime monitoring and download of baseline, follow-up and participant tracking data Read more »