Smart-phones, Tablets and Other Devices

Adaptive designs and cross platform optimisation enable our systems to work seamlessly across a variety of devices.

Smart-phones, Tablets and Other Devices

All of our health research tools are designed to work on the widest possible range of devices.

In cases where questionnaires are designed to be completed remotely by a patient, it's important to cater for different devices such as smart-phones and tablets.

On some projects, specific devices are employed as research tools, for example the iPad app we developed for off-line use in Emergency Departments around the UK.

We also have experience developing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) health questionnaires which allow the user to listen to the questions over a phone call and press keys on the telephone keypad to respond.

Most recently, we've developed voice-based health quesionnaires for Amazon's 'Alexa' service, enabling participants with an Echo device to respond verbally to screening questions.