Data security, governance, and ethics

Taking all the necessary measures to ensure that your data and the personal data of your participants is kept safe.

Data security, governance, and ethics

To ensure that data confidentiality and security aspects of Good Clinical Practice are met, various techniques and protocols can be followed. For example,

  • A study management system will normally be hosted on its own separate virtual server. The server is then kept up to date with security patches, and monitored closely by the technical team throughout the study.

  • Participant data stored on the server will be kept to the minimum required to conduct the research.

  • All communication between Participants and the study management system will take place over an encrypted 'https' connection. Similarly, any interaction with the system by research staff or technical maintenance staff will be over an encrypted connection.

  • Administrative access to the website will be restricted to a small number of research staff. Maintenance access to the web server will be restricted to a small number of technical staff.

  • Participant data will be collected and stored in accordance with best practices, and at the end of the project all data will be disposed of in a secure manner.

  • Randomisation mechanisms will be exposed to automated testing to eliminate any possible bias.

  • Secondary logging and/or redundancy will be used to provide an audit trail, ensuring accuracy and quality of data collected.